Programming Model

The six pathways to success:

Our theory of change is grounded in six pathways which lead to a less violent society. An essential function of the foundation that reinforce the mission is to provide authentic support to victimized families and to enlist their grassroots participation. The Six Pathways Model is designed to generate a national

movement that will educate, inspire and mobilize families, students, professionals and political leaders to action. Such action is the bedrock for a national cultural shift from silence to a meaningful conversation.

The Pathways Include:

support services pathway
Education and training pathway
legislation pathway

No one who endures the pain of tragedy from violence should suffer alone. The Foundation is therefore committed to meeting the needs of families to provide support services to those who have been victimized by practices of violence. The Foundation will enlist their grassroots advocacy in its proactive violence prevention and intervention movement.

It is education that will lead to systemic change and cultural shifting to our non-acceptance of violence. Through education the Foundation seeks to provide prevention and intervention curricula, training and certifications from Pre-k to higher education populations. The Foundation seeks to increases awareness on the detriments of violence and financial illiteracy, and to equip participants with effective tools, strategies, and resources to become agents of change and social reform.

Local and National Initiatives Pahtway

The Foundation seeks to provide advocacy for state and federal legislation on violence that will help to create and sustain systemic change. Sought out legislation is as varied as mandatory violence prevention training to health education curriculum- from the US department of education to regional congressmen/women. The Foundation advocates for well-rounded legislation that includes the following: National Health Care & Emergency Room Protocols & Procedures, National Tracking Data Bank of Reported Hazing Incidents, Primary School Health & Physical Education Curriculum on Bullying & Hazing, Mandatory Training for Key School Representatives of Public Universities, and Protocol for Reporting Hazing at Schools and Universities. 

Strategic Partnership pathway

The foundation works to build and maintain strategic partnerships that advances violence prevention across multiple sectors of society. With an all-inclusive team, the pervasive and superimposed message of violence can be countered and stymied collaboratively with civic, banking, business, academic, athletic and artistic partnerships.

In order to prevent the acceptance of violence, there must be a movement. The foundation is working to produce a series of local and national initiatives that engages participants in social actions. The initiatives are designed to be informative as well as fun. They seek to cultivate curiosity and creativity in youth for making changes. Such formats include: competitions, essay writing contests, school wide events, change drives, purges and brand-raising activities

Marketing, arts, & social media pathway

The Intelligent and creative use of art and media are some of the most effective ways to reach and impact the masses. The foundation is working to create a series of multimedia and art campaigns that aid in shifting the culture of violence by using excellent branding marketing and social media resources to reach and recruit Millennials in the violence prevention movement.